Battle Over Mandatory Covid Shots in the US Military Nears an End

By Cruz Marquis

The House of Representatives voted for the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which among other things, overturns the covid vaccine mandate, a move that was long in the making.

The bill will move to the Senate where it will most likely be passed and grudgingly signed by President Brandon. This in spite of the fact that the White House previous stated the president “strongly opposes” a bill to ensure any servicemen who deny the covid shot are not given dishonorable discharges, with the implication that the president would like to see any dissenters given discharges equivalent to felonies.

Congressional Republicans have been trying to repeal the mandate since it went into effect in the fall of 2021. Incrementally, the bureaucracy gave way but it took time and came in increments. One by one the branches either stopped enforcing the policy or court cases forced them to.

Only the US Army continues to discharge serviceman for denying the vaccine. So far, the Army has removed 1,841 active-duty soldiers over the mandate and their pace has not decelerated with the shifting political winds.

As of now, it is unclear whether the servicemen who were discharged for refusing the covid shot will be invited back or not. Four Pentagon officials who spoke to NBC News said there were ongoing discussions on if covid dissidents will be allowed to rejoin their services and under what conditions. So far, military leadership is considering “case-by-case” readmission of any who were given general under honorable conditions or honorable discharges. Those who are allowed to reenlist may not even get their old ranks and pay grades back, officers may not get their commissions back.

This subject is of great importance to me because I joined the US Marine Corps because of how much I cared about American liberty and gave up admission into a four year university to do it. While I was there, I met some of the most amazing men and women I’ve ever seen in my life, and it was the best and worst experience I’ve ever had. Everything was fine until the Biden regime mandated the covid shot.

Because of all it stood for, the lockdowns, the multi-trillion-dollar bailouts, the expansion of the police state, closing churches, mask mandates, closing the schools, and demonizing every person who went against the statist narrative to the point that some statist protestors carried placards reading “gas the unvaccinated,” I denied that shot and would do it a thousand times if presented with the opportunity to do it all again.

The finest Marines I ever met were the men who denied the covid shot with me in the fall of 2021 at Camp Pendleton and I don’t go an hour without of them. Those men that Joe Biden kicked out were America’s best, and I’m proud to have been in their company for a few months. Half of my friends were given other than honorable discharges because the military bureaucracy went out of its way to ruin their lives out of pure spite and hatred. Anyone who says everyone who got kicked out got a good discharge is liar. As it stands right now, the Pentagon isn’t even considering letting them rejoin, –if they even want to after that.

Since April of this year, I have been writing a book on the circumstances of a group of Marines who refused the covid shot at Camp Pendleton in the fall of 2021, how they were systemically attacked by the military bureaucracy, and how it was all made possible by President Biden.

Liberty still means something to some people, it sure still means something to me and to the men who stood with me. We’ve seen from the start it never meant anything to the Biden administration and now that Republicans are regaining some semblance of political power, we can start to right the many wrongs of the administration. We can start here by making things right for the servicemen who defied the state.

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