Mission statement

December 3, 2022

The Conservative Critique began in 2019 as a pet project of mine to record my thoughts on the issues of the day. My priorities changed as I went through college and then a short stint in the US Marines, and the site became inactive. Starting in December of 2022, the creative urge struck me again so I decided to reactivate the old blog, and it will stay active this time.

With the backstory covered, what kind of content is published here? The intention here was never to be hard news, the Conservative Critique is a commentary website for thoughtful medium to long reads. In my eyes, liberty is the paramount good a society can be endowed with, and much of my work is devoted to upholding that, defending it from all usurpations. As such, the criticism levied by my articles usually hit home on one target directly or indirectly: the state.

The title conservative may not tell the whole story, but it is accurate in that I am a man of the right. I have a deep reverence for God, nation, community, civil society and the ties that bind which make the label conservative accurate. At the same time, I see the state as an anti-social institution, the enemy of man and all good things man produces, and I believe the libertarian non-aggression principle to be axiomatic, all of which make my commentary easy to call libertarian. Murray Rothbard described this persuasion as paleo-libertarian, and that may be the most accurate way to characterize my perspective.

Here in my little corner of the internet, ideas matter and have real consequences. I hope we can explore those ideas and consequences together.

As always, thank you for reading my friends.

Yours in freedom,

Cruz Marquis

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