Welcome to the Conservative Critique

My name is Cruz K. M. Marquis, founder of the Conservative Critique. This blog has been created to address a thorough lacking of philosophical backbone in the contemporary American political discourse. Much mud is slung by both sides and demagoguery has become all too common. What should be rational discussion has devolved into a shouting match and all too often little of what is said is coherent.

That is where the Conservative Critique comes in. What I seek to do with this website is to fill the void of intellectual debate that has formed in American politics. To this end, this blog will be updated frequently with new commentary on current events framed in the context of wider political and economic theory.

As the title suggests, this is not a hard news site. I do not pretend to lack bias but I do assert that there will be good reason and purpose for all that is said. Partisan mudslinging and rudeness is not on the agenda. Rather, there will be a nuanced analysis of the state of politics and economics in every article. Indeed, there are ideological undertones especially in the way of contemporary American conservatism and Austrian economics as espoused by F. A. Hayek and Ludwig von Mises.

My personal philosophy that will be reflected throughout the articles forthcoming will demonstrate that I am a stalwart enemy of tyranny everywhere. I am committed to fighting the forces of tyranny with the pen be they communism, radical Islamism, fascism or otherwise. In turn, I hope to propagate the ideals of liberty and the American way. God willing, this small website will do something to aid these ends.

Thank you for reading this my friends, and I do hope you read the Conservative Critique’s future articles.

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