The Practical Case for Voting Trump in 2020

Donald Trump is abrasive, inarticulate and is the proverbial bull in the china shop. Everyone knows this and virtually everyone acknowledges it. For some, this is a positive and is characteristic of someone dead set against business as usual in Washington. For the rest, those points are definite flaws in the president. Those who support […]

Why I as a semi-Libertarian can never vote for a Libertarian Party candidate

The other day, I was scrolling through YouTube and watched an hour and half long debate at the Libertarian SoHo Forum.[1] Two libertarian activists, Dave Smith and Nicolas Sarwarck, were sparring over whether the LP should ever run candidates like Gary Johnson and Bill Weld at the top of the ticket. Considering the fact that […]

Six Realities of Supporting President Trump Part 2 of 2

                Continuing a theme that was explored a few days ago, in part one of this two part series on the realities of supporting president Trump, this article will explore the final three. First some context is in order. These articles are meant to explore a drain of enthusiasm that I have noticed among some […]