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  • Leading by Example vs The Sword: The US in the World

    Hundreds of military bases abroad. Thousands of planes. Hundreds of ships of war. Millions of men at arms. The United States commands an empire, the likes of which has never before been imagined, let alone made reality. Having surpassed the institutionalized glory of Rome, though not yet weeping for lack of nations left to conquer,…

  • Why Did American Conservatism Become Statist?

    Sometimes bad things happen to good ideas, such is the story of American conservatism, which got all wrapped up in statism as a result of a quirk of history which was never fixed. This quirk must be fixed, and conservatism reimagined as a fundamentally different idea committed to tradition and liberty, not to the state.

  • Do Not Fiddle While Rome Burns

    Proxy wars in Yemen, Ukraine and elsewhere continue, defense spending hovers around $845 billion, the budget deficit exceeds one trillion, and federal debt per taxpayer is a quarter million. Amidst all the ruin and woe, former President Trump has the answer: trading cards which portray him as a superhero.

  • The LOLbertarian Caricature

    Libertarians are the most fractious of all political types, if it was not for our constant infighting, there would have been several libertarian presidents by now. The problem is this: Who earns the title “libertarian?”

  • The National Defense Authorization Act in Context

    The National Defense Authorization Act is the main vehicle by which the military and the network of agencies supporting it get their funding and the next one is coming up for a vote soon, but how much is being spent and what is its effect?